Children learn best through play and develop at their own pace by being actively involved in a stimulating range of activities. At Rainbow Lodge we have organised activities running alongside child initiated play within the children’s age range groups. We ensure that the play and learning environment at the nursery is a changing one to suit the interests and needs of the children.

Our staff team are key in the caring, learning, fun times your child enjoys here at Rainbow Lodge. We have a highly qualified and experienced staff team who have been with us many years providing the children with familiar faces and continuity. They use their observations of the children to plan interesting and interactive learning spaces in which your child can develop and learn through play.

Partnership with parents is very important to us at Rainbow Lodge. We enjoy sharing with you the events in your child’s day at Rainbow Lodge and how nursery life compliments your child’s home life. All the children have an individual member of staff assigned to them who has a special role in supporting your child’s development and is a special point of contact for you as a parent.

Above all, we want your child to feel secure, happy, and have fun whilst playing and learning at Rainbow Lodge.

Janet and Lee Wilkinson

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Telephone 01482 668556.

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